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Parent Information

Information and Resources for Parents and Guardians of our Students including Scholarships, Reading Lists, etc.

VIDEO: Summary of the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) assessment and walks viewers through how to read and interpret student scores within the M-STEP and Michigan Merit Exam Parent Reports.

Documents to Download / View
FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (School of Choice Revised 17-18.pdf)School of Choice ApplicationPDF Form409 kB
Download this file (BCPS Volunteer.pdf)Volunteer Application 2016-17PDF Form210 kB
Download this file (Building Choice - Revised 17-18.pdf)Building of Choice ApplicationPDF Form356 kB
Download this file (PT Conference Dates 16-17 (2).pdf)Parent-Teacher ConferencesParent-Teacher Conference Schedule 2016-17100 kB
Download this file (Start and End Times 17-18.pdf) School Start/End Times2017-1817 kB
Download this file (Med-1 Prescrip.pdf)Med-1 PrescripPDF Form31 kB
Download this file (Med-2 Over-the-counter Medica.Authoriz.pdf)Med-2 Over-the-counter Medica.AuthorizPDF Form32 kB
Download this file (Med-3 Self-Administered Medica.Authoriz.pdf)Med-3 Self-Administered Medica.AuthorizPDF Form35 kB
Download this file (Med-4 Self-Administered DIABETES Medica.pdf)Med-4 Self-Administered DIABETES MedicaPDF Form38 kB
Download this file (Parent Guidelines-Administration of Medication at School.pdf)Parent Guidelines-Administration of Medication at SchoolPDF Document119 kB
Download this file (Directory of Services and Programs.December 2016.pdf)Directory of Services and ProgramsPDF Document874 kB