Our team of technicians and data specialists service all 16 buildings throughout the District. Troubleshooting your Chromebook? Having internet issues? Want help ordering some new technology? Our team of IT professionals is here to help and we'll walk you through any issue you're experiencing. For any technology assistance, please start with a Gethelp ticket using your bcschools Gmail.

District Technology Purchasing

Looking to purchase technology for your building, department or classroom? We've got you covered! To order new equipment, please start with a GetHelp Ticket here

Please provide the following information on the ticket

  • Specific requirements being requested (device type, hardware, software, color, function, etc.).
  • Where the technology is going (if somewhere other than the room of the person submitting the ticket).
  • The appropriate budget code.
  • Specific information regarding the purchase, that the tech may need in order to properly install/deliver the technology.

*Please note that any technology purchased outside of the Technology Purchasing Process will not be activated, installed, or supported by the Technology Department and will need to be returned for a refund.

In addition to the policy outlined above, please do not order technology through outside grants or donations without first opening a help desk ticket and having the purchase approved by Tech.