Application Process

The application process is open to all public or parochial students residing in the Bay City Public School District. If you reside outside the Bay City Public Schools District please contact the Gifted and Talented Office at 671-8170

Accelerated Kindergarten
  1. Parent registers student for Kindergarten at home school. Out of district parents please contact the Administration Building at 686-9700 for registration.

  2. Student participates in District Kindergarten screening.  If the student meets certain criteria families are contacted to see if there is interest in further testing.

  3. Academic potential (IQ) testing is administered.

  4. Students who meet certain criteria are invited to attend the Accelerated Kindergarten Program.  Families are notified in writing.

Elementary Gifted and Talented Program (Grades 1-5)
  1. The teacher or parent refers a student. Please call the office at 671-8170.

  2. Families are notified of referral by letter.

  3. Families residing outside the Bay City Public School district interested in the GT evaluation will need to call to schedule an IQ appointment.

  4. Students who are currently in grades 1 through 4 will be tested at each elementary building site during the school day.

  5. The G/T office gathers the appropriate testing data from the teacher and/or district resources.

  6. Teacher survey is completed online.

  7. A selection committee convenes to evaluate students and make recommendations for placement.

All families are notified in writing regarding the selection committee's decisions.

Middle School Honors Program (Grades 6-8)
  1. Students overall profile score determines if the Honors Program is a good educational fit. The students profile includes NWEA, MSTEP, GPA and overall student agency observed by the classroom teacher.

  2. Families are notified of referral by letter.

  3. Teacher input and student transcripts are gathered. Teacher Input forms will be sent directly to the teacher.  

  4. Students who are missing various assessment data will complete Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students subtests. All students will take the Reasoning subtest and depending on the courses they are applying for: Math/Scienceand/orEnglish Language Arts/Social Studies.

  5. Test scores and achievement data is compiled for each candidate's academic profile.

  6. To qualify for Honors courses, students need to meet a rigorous level of demonstrated ability.

All families are notified in writing regarding qualification status.