• Female high school students
    We have classes, athletic teams, extracurricular activities, and many other opportunities which meet the needs, and interests, of ALL students.
  • Students with blocks at Kolb
    BCPS has STEM and STEAM in-school and after-school programs partnering with community agencies and our middle schools
  • High School Theater Production
    Music and Art
    BCPS strives to provide students with opportunities in the arts which allow them to reach their full potential as performers and individuals.
  • Robotics Team Robot
    Our schools use the latest hardware and software to give students opportunities to use technology first hand with robotics and technology-rich activities in the classroom and out.
  • Western High School Football Team
    Our athletic teams are made up of the best student-athletes in the area. We have both male and female teams at the middle and high schools and many have won district and state championships.
Email: rademacherg@bcschools.net

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  • Phone:  (989) 860-1064

Term Expires: December 2022

  • Graduated with BS from Western Michigan University
  • Masters from Central Michigan University
  • Join Bay City Public Schools in 1971 at Handy High School
  • Coached Football at Handy, Central, and Northwood
  • Also Coached Basketball, Baseball, and Track
  • At Handy from 1971-1990
  • At Western and Central 1990-1991
  • At Central 1991-2010
  • Taught Business 1971-1986
  • Co-op Coordinator 1986-2010
  • Was Vice-President of State Co-op Organization -MCPA- 8 years
  • Co-op Coordinator of the year 2001
  • Have had 5 children graduate from the Bay City Public Schools



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