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  • Female high school students
    We have classes, athletic teams, extracurricular activities, and many other opportunities which meet the needs, and interests, of ALL students.
  • Students with blocks at Kolb
    BCPS has STEM and STEAM in-school and after-school programs partnering with community agencies and our middle schools
  • High School Theater Production
    Music and Art
    BCPS strives to provide students with opportunities in the arts which allow them to reach their full potential as performers and individuals.
  • Robotics Team Robot
    Our schools use the latest hardware and software to give students opportunities to use technology first hand with robotics and technology-rich activities in the classroom and out.
  • Western High School Football Team
    Our athletic teams are made up of the best student-athletes in the area. We have both male and female teams at the middle and high schools and many have won district and state championships.

Bylaws & Policies via Board Docs

Glossary of Educational Terms and Acronyms

0000 - Bylaws

po0000 Section Listing
po0100 Definitions
po0110 Official Description
po0120 Powers and Philosophy
po0130 Functions
po0140 Membership
po0150 Organization
po0160 Meetings
po0170 Duties

1000 - Administration

po1000 Section Listing
po1100 District Organization
po1110 Assessment of District Goals
po1130 Conflict of Interest
po1210 Board - Superintendent Relationship
po1217 Weapons 
po1220 Employment of the Superintendent
po1230 Responsibilities of the Superintendent
po1230.01 Development of Administrative Guidelines

po1240 Evaluation of the Superintendent

po1241 Non-Reemployment of the Superintendent
po1260 Incapacity of the Superintendent
po1400 Job Descriptions
po1411 Whistleblower Protection
po1420 School Administrator Evaluation

po1422 Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
po1422.02 Nondiscrimination Based on Genetic Information of The Employee
po1443 Non-Renewal of Administrative Contracts
po1460 Physical Examination
po1461 Unrequested Leaves of Absence / Fitness For Duty
po1613 Student Supervision and Welfare
po1619 Group Health Plans
po1619.01 Privacy Protections of Self-Funded Group Health Plans
po1619.02 Privacy Protections of Fully Insured Group Health Plans
po1619.03 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
po1623 Section 504 / ADA Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
po1630.01 Family & Medical Leaves of Absence - FMLA
po1662 Anti-Harassment

2000 - Program

po2000 Section Listing
po2105 Mission of the District
po2110 Statement of Philosophy
po2111 Value Statements for Students and Staff

po2112 Parent Involvement in the School Program
po2120 School Improvement
po2131V1 Educational Outcome Goals
po2132 Educational Process Goals
po2210 Curriculum Development

po2220 Adoption of Courses of Study

po2221 Mandatory Courses
po2225 Student with Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
po2230 Course Guides
po2231 Core Curriculum

po2240 Controversial Issues
po2250 Innovative Programs
po2260 Nondiscrimination and Access to Equal Educational Opportunity
po2260.01 Section 504-AD Prohibition Against Discrimination Based on Disability
po2261 Title I Services
po2261.01 Parent Participation in Title I Programs
po2261.02 Title I Parents' Rights to Know
po2262 Latch-Key Programs
po2266 Non Discrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities
po2270 Religion in the Curriculum
po2271 Postsecondary (Dual) Enrollment Option Program
po2280 Physical Education
po2330 Homework
po2340 Field and Other District-Sponsored Trips
po2370 Educational Options
po2370.01 On-Line/Blended Learning Program
po2410 Prohibition of Referral or Assistance
po2411 Guidance and Counseling
po2412 Homebound Instruction Program
po2413 Critical Health Problems
po2414 Reproductive Health and Family Planning
po2416 Student Privacy and Parental Access to Information
po2417 Comprehensive School Health Education
po2421 Career and Technical Education
po2421.01 Students as Trainees
po2430 District-Sponsored Clubs and Activities
po2430.01 Special Programs by Community Volunteers
po2431 Interscholastic Athletics
po2431.01 Managing Heat and Humidity in Interscholastic Athletic Programs
po2440 Summer School
po2440.01 Educational Achievement Summer School
po2451 Alternative High School
po2460 Special Education
po2460.02 Least Restrictive Environment Position Statement
po2461 Recording of District Meetings Involving Students and/or Parents
po2464 Programs for Gifted Students
po2510 Adoption of Textbooks
po2521 Selection of Instructional Material and Equipment
po2531 Copyrighted Works
po2575 Community Service for the Michigan Merit Award
po2605 Program Accountability and Evaluation
po2623 Student Assessment
po2628 State and Incentives
po2700 Combined P.A. 25 Annual Report and No Child Left Behind Report Card

3000 - Professional Staff 

Professional Staff - Other Policies

po3000 Section Listing
po3110 Conflict of Interest
po3111 Creating a Position
po3112 Board Staff Communications
po3120 Employment of Professional Staff
po3120.04 Employment of Substitutes
po3120.08 Employment of Personnel for Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activities
po3120.09 Volunteers
po3121 Criminal History Record Check
po3121.01 Criminal Conviction Review
po3122 Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
po3122.01 Drug-Free Workplace
po3122.02 Nondiscrimination Based on Genetic Information of the Employee
po3123 Section 504-ADA Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
po3124 Employment Contract
po3130 Assignment and Transfer
po3132 Vacancies
po3140 Termination and Resignation
po3142 Probationary Teachers
po3160 Physical Examination
po3161 Unrequested Leaves of Absence/Fitness for Duty
po3170 Substance Abuse
po3170.01 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
po3210 Staff Ethics
po3211 Whistleblower Protection
po3213 Student Supervision and Welfare
po3214 Staff Gifts
po3215 Use of Tobacco By Professional Staff
po3216 Staff Dress and Grooming
po3217 Weapons
po3220 Professional Staff Evaluation
po3231 Outside Activities of Staff
po3242 Professional Growth Requirements
po3243 Professional Meetings
po3310 Freedom of Speech in Noninstructional Setting
po3362 Anti-Harassment
po3362.01 Threatening Behavior Toward Staff Members
po3362-02 Work Place Safety
po3370 Tenure
po3410.01 Compensation for Part-Time Staff
po3419 Group Health Plans
po3419.02 Privacy Protection of Fully Insured Group Health Plans
po3419.03 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
po3430 Leaves of Absence
po3430.01 Family & Medical Leaves of Absence ("FMLA")
po3437.01 Military Leave
po3440 Job-Related Expenses
po3531 Unauthorized Work Stoppage

ag3120.05 Employment of Summer School Staff
ag3123A Section 504-ADA- Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination In Employment
ag3179 Professional Concerns
ag3221 Individual Development Plan
ag3231A Participation In Political Activities
ag3281 Personal Property Of Staff Members
ag3362 Anti-Harassment
ag3362A Reporting Threatening Behaviors
ag3430.01 FMLA Leave
ag3430.01A Family Leave
ag3430.01B FMLA Recordkeeping Requirement

4000 - Support Staff

po4000 Section Listing
po4110 Conflict of Interest
po4111 Creating A Position
po4112 Board-Staff Communications
po4120 Employment of Support Staff
po4120.09 Volunteers
po4120.04 Employment of Substitutes
po4121 Criminal History Record Check
po4121.01 Criminal Conviction Review
po4122 Nondiscrimination And Equal Employment Opportunity
po4122.01 Drug-Free Workplace
po4122.02 Nondiscrimination Based on Genetic Information of The Employee
po4123 Section 504/ADA Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination In Employment
po4130 Assignment And Transfer
po4139 Staff Discipline
po4140 Termination And Resignation
po4160 Physical Examination
po4161 Unrequested Leaves of Absence/Fitness For Duty
po4162 Controlled Substance And Alcohol Policy For Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Drivers
po4170 Substance Abuse
po4170.01 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
po4210 Staff Ethics
po4211 Whistleblower Protection
po4213 Student Supervision And Welfare
po4214 Staff Gifts
po4215 Use of Tobacco By Support Staff
po4216 Support Staff Dress And Grooming
po4217 Weapons
po4220 Evaluation of Support Staff
po4231 Outside Activities of Support Staff
po4310 Freedom of Speech in Noninstructional Settings
po4362 Anti-Harassment
po4362.01 Threatening Behavior Toward Staff Members
po4362.02 Work Place Safety
po4410.01 Compensation For Part-Time Staff
po4419 Group Health Plans
po4419.01 Privacy Protections of Self-Funded Group Heath Plans
po4419.02 Privacy Protections of Fully Insured Group Health Plans
po4419.03 Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act
po4430 Leaves of Absence
po4430.01 Family & Medical Leaves of Absence ("FMLA")
po4437 Military Leave
po4440 Job-Related Expenses
po4531 Unauthorized Work Stoppage

5000 - Students

po5000 Section Listing
po5111 Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Students
po5111.01 Homeless Students
po5111.02 Educational Opportunity for Military Children
po5111.03 Children and Youth in Foster Care
po5112 Entrance Age
po5113.01 Schools of Choice (Intra-District)
po5113.02 School Choice Options Provided by the No Child Left Behind Act
po5113 V3 Schools of Choice Program (Inter-District)
po5114 Foreign and Foreign-Exchange Students
po5120 Assignment Within District
po5130 Withdrawal From School
po5136 Personal Communication Devices
po5200 Attendance
po5215 Missing and Absent Children
po5223 Absences for Religious Instruction
po5230 Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
po5310 Health Services
po5320 Immunization
po5330 Use of Medications
po5330.01 Ephinephrine Auto-Injectors
po5340 Student Accidents
po5340.01 Concussions and Athletic Activities
po5341 Emergency Medical Authorization
po5350 Student Suicide
po5410 Promotion, Placement, and Retention
po5420 Reporting Student Progress
po5430 Class Rank
po5460 Graduation Requirements
po5463 Credits from Nonpublic Schools
po5464 Early Graduation
po5500 Student Conduct
po5510 Students - Sex Offender Registry; Criminal Convictions
po5512 Use of Tobacco by Students
po5513 Care of District Property
po5514.01 Student Use of Motor Vehicles
po5517 Anti-Harassment
po5517.01 Bullying and Other Aggressive Behavior Toward Students
po5520 Disorderly Conduct
po5530 Drug Prevention
po5532 Performance-Enhancing Drugs/Compounds
po5540 Interrogation of Students
po5600 Student Discipline
po5605 Suspension/Expulsion of Students with Disabilities
po5610 Emergency Removal, Suspension, and Explusion of Students
po5611 Due Process Rights
po5630 Corporal Punishment
po5630.01 Student Seclusion and Restraint
po5722 School-Sponsored Publications and Productions
po5730 Equal Access for Nondistrict-Sponsored Student Clubs and Activities
po5751 Parental-Married Status of Students
po5771 Search and Seizure
po5772 Weapons
po5780 Student/Parent Rights
po5830 Student Fund-Raising
po5840 Student Groups
po5850 Social Events

6000 - Finances

po6000 Section Listing
po6107 Authorization to Accept and Distribute Electronic Records and To Use Electronic Signatures
po6110 Grant Funds
po6111 Internal Controls

po6112 Cash Management of Grants
po6114 Cost Principles - Spending Federal Funds
po6116 Time and Effort Reporting
po6120 Safety Deposit Box

po6144 Investments

po6145 Borrowing
po6146 Post-Issuance Compliance For Tax-Exempt and Tax-Advantaged Obligations
po6152 Student Fees Fines and Supplies
po6210 Fiscal Planning
po6220 Budget Preparation
po6230 Budget Hearing
po6231 Budget Implementation
po6320 Purchasing
po6321 New School Construction Renovation
po6325 Procurement - Federal Grants / Funds
po6350 Prevailing Wage Coordinator
po6420 Conflict of Interest - Legal Counsel, Advisors or Consultants
po6423 Use of Credit / Debit Cards
po6440 Cooperative Purchasing
po6460 Vendor Relations
po6470 Payment of Claims
po6510 Payroll Authorization
po6520 Payroll Deductions
po6550 Travel Payment & Reimbursement
po6605 Crowdfunding
po6610 Student Activity Fund
po6620 Petty Cash
po6670 Trust and Agency Fund
po6680 Recognition
po6700 Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA
po6800 System of Accounting
po6830 Audit
po6850 Public Disclosure and Reporting

7000 - Property

po7000 Section Listing
po7100 Facilities Planning
po7217 Weapons

po7230 Gifts, Grants, and Bequests
po7240 Site Acquisition
po7250 Commemoration and Naming of School Facilities
po7300 Disposition of Real Property
po7310 Disposition of Surplus Property
po7410 Maintenance
po7420 Hygienic Management
po7430 Safety Standards
po7434 Use of Tobacco On School Premises
po7440 Facility Security
po7440.01 Video Surveillance and Electronic Monitoring
po7450 Property Inventory
po7455 Accounting System for Fixed Assets
po7460 Conservation of Natural and Material Resources
po7510 Use of School Facilities
po7530 Lending of District-Owned Equipment
po7530.01V2 Board-Owned Personal Communication Devices
po7530.02 Staff Use of Personal Communications Devices
po7540 Technology
po7540.01V1 Technology Privacy
po7540.02 Web Content, Servies and Apps
po7540.03 Student Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety

po7540.04 Staff Education Technology Acceptable Use and Safety
po7540.07 Personal Internet Account Privacy Students
po7540.08 Personal Internet Account Privacy Staff
po7550 Joint Use of Facilities

8000 - Operations

po8000 Section Listing
po8120 Iran Economic Sanctions Act Compliance
po8142 Criminal History Record Check
po8142.01 Weapons

po8210 School Calendar
po8220 School Day
po8300 Continuity of Organizational Operations Plan
po8305 Information Security
po8310 Public Records
po8315 Information Management

po8320 Personnel Files
po8321 Criminal Justice Information Security (Non-Criminal Justice Agency)
po8325 Receipt of Legal Documents
po8330 Student Records
po8340 Letters of Reference
po8350 Confidentiality
po8351 Security Breach of Confidential Databases
po8390 Animals on District Property
po8400 School Safety Information
po8405 Environmental Health And Safety Issues

po8410 Crisis Intervention

po8420 Emergency Situations At Schools

po8431 Preparedness For Toxic Hazard And Asbestos Hazard
po8442 Reporting Accidents
po8450 Control Of Casual-Contact Communicable Diseases
po8452 Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
po8453 Direct Contact Commuicable Diseases 

po8453.01 Control Of Blood-Borne Pathogens

po8462 Student Abuse And Neglect
po8500 Food Services

po8510 Wellness

po8531 Free and Reduced-Price Meals

po8540 Vending Machines
po8600 Transportation
po8640 Transportation For Field And Other District-Sponsored Trips
po8651 Nonroutine Use Of School Buses
po8660 Transportation By Private Vehicle
po8710 Insurance
po8740 Bonding
po8760 Student Accident Insurance
po8770 Joint Self-Insurance Pool
po8800 Religious/Patriotic Ceremonies and Observances
po8900 Anti-Fraud

ag8500D Procedure for the Collection and Payment for Charged Meals

9000 - Relations

po9000 Section Listing
po9111 Telephone Communications
po9120 Public Information Program
po9130 Public Complaints
po9150 School Visitors
po9160 Public Attendance at School Events

po9211 District Support Organizations

po9250 Relations with Parents
po9270 Equivalent Education Outside the Schools (Home Schooling)
po9500 Relations with Educational Institutions and Organizations

po9555 Partnerships with Business
po9700 Relations with Special Interest Groups
po9700.01 Advertising and Commercial Activites
po9800 High School Diplomas to World War ll, Korean Conflict,and Vietnam Era Veterans

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